Parking to perfection

Have you damaged your car whilst parking? We've all had the occasional bump or scratch, but now you can make parking problems part of the past.


We supply and fit excellent parking sensors, enabling you to pull up confidently, and without the risks of close proximity parking. Our front and rear parking sensors start from just £149, so what are you waiting for?


In addition to parking sensors, we also fit a wide range of high quality, low priced vehicle trackers. Car trackers offer you a great level of security, they are discreet, inexpensive and can provide you with a simple, stress free method of retrieving your car in the event of theft, or even if you just happen to misplace your vehicle!


Vehicle trackers are also a key vehicle component for businesses with cars that need to be tracked and monitored, so if you have a fleet of vehicles, or just one, get a tracker today from as little as £299.

Forget your parking problems once and for all

Trouble parking or tracing your car?

Don't worry, get pinpoint parking sensors and trackers today


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Not only do we supply vehicle trackers and parking sensors, but we also fit them at a time and location that suits you throughout the West Midlands.

Get safer with car trackers & parking sensors

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